[Ovmsdev] Time for release 3.2.016?

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Mon Feb 8 10:32:41 HKT 2021

On Sun, 7 Feb 2021, Michael Balzer wrote:

> We've had some changes recently, but apparently no issues with these (at least
> none reported).
> I'd say it's time for 3.2.016.
> Objections? Anything in the works that should be included?

Craig observed that the ssh connect time doubled from 5 seconds to 10
seconds.  I noticed that connecting seemed slow but since it's never
been fast I had not run a comparison test.  Would that be considered a
problem for release?

This slowness is disappointing considering that the new code is
supposed to include access to ESP32 hardware acceleration.  I think I
have the configuration set correctly to include this.  I will try to
turn on some tracing and investigate further.

                                                        -- Steve

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