[Ovmsdev] Time for release 3.2.016?

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Mon Feb 8 10:02:02 HKT 2021

On 2/7/21 1:38 PM, Stephen Casner wrote:
> That alert should not happen if the car is "on".  So unless the alert
> was triggered shortly before you turned on the car and backed out, but
> was delayed in delivery, this does not make sense.  Is v.e.on
> implemented properly for your car?

Apparently not, cadillac_c2_cts started a copy of obdii and I had 
commented out the lines that manage that for some reason. After a quick 
test in the cars, I just submitted a pull request that uncomments the 
missing StandardMetrics.ms_v_env_on->SetValue() calls. Now it's more 
symmetrical with chevrolet_c6_corvette (which is also based on the obdii 


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