[Ovmsdev] OVMS v3.3 hardware

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Tue Aug 31 04:33:36 HKT 2021

On 8/29/21 11:03 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> I now have two prototypes of the 4G modem using SIM7600G R2 chip for 
> OVMS v3.


> One is for my own work, but willing to send the other free to a 
> volunteer developer willing to spend time working with me to develop and 
> test this new option. Obviously looking for someone who has spent some 
> time on the OVMS code base, with a good history of contributions to the 
> project and a willingness to work on improving the cellular modem driver.
> Any volunteers? Please eMail me directly (mark at openvehicles.com 
> <mailto:mark at openvehicles.com>).

Is my frankenstein v1.1 modem board with it's SIM7600A-H module close 
enough that I'll be able to help with this work?

 > 3. Modem board v1.3: Fix support for DTR sleep/awake support.

What would I need to do to make my v1.1 board have this? Are there any 
other v1.3 changes I would want?

I looked a little but I didn't find a source of bare SIM7600G-HR2 
modules here in the US, only various breakout/usb/mini-pcie versions.


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