[Ovmsdev] OVMS Hardware 4.0

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Aug 9 16:20:48 HKT 2021

Looks interesting. A few comments:

Please don’t call this "OVMS v4", as that would cause confusion. Our ‘v’ naming is based on processor architecture:

v1 - origjnal prototype hand-built (PIC18F2680)
v2 - first production version (PCI18F2685)
v3 - refined production version (ESP32 WROVER, 16MB flash 4MB SPIRAM)

Within that we have a .x naming scheme for subversions. The current version is v3.2 and the upcoming 4G module will be v3.3.

It sounds like you are trying to make a different layout of the upcoming version, so perhaps a fork of v3.3?

My concern here is to avoid confusion.

SIM7600 sounds ok. That is the direction we are heading as well.

For ESP32 are you using WROVER module with 16MB flash and 4MB/8MB SPIRAM?

For things like ACC detection, full power control, RGB LED, which GPIO / extended-IO pins are you using?

It doesn’t look like you support the current expansion board option?

It seems that you are using a different vehicle connector, so this will be hardwired for Indian MG ZS EV?

Note that we removed the LED in v3 (it was in v2) due to power consumption issues with that.

How are you intending to handle firmware? A fork of the current code, or kconfig flags to support your hardware differences?

Regards, Mark,

> On 9 Aug 2021, at 3:18 PM, <rohit at ekraft.asia> <rohit at ekraft.asia> wrote:
> Hello OVMS dev’s,
>                I am basically hardware designer planning to use the OVMS on my MG ZS EV ( Indian version ). For this I designed the hardware containing 4g module as well as all the components on single PCB.
> Have a look on below:
> <image002.jpg><image004.jpg>
>                Top Side                                                                                                        Bottom side
> The hardware features are as follows:
> 4G module with active GPS antenna support ( sim7600 )
> ESP32 as main processor ( similar to ovms rev 3)
> Sim and sd card in stacked single slot to save space
> 3 can bus ports
> Battery backup in case need to use this device as security. On board charging
> Accelero/ gyro combined low power device
> ACC detection in case of supported from vehicle from OBD port
> Fully power control of each and every component and low power sleep mode
> Input power supply up-to 60 V
> RGB  led for status indication
> The device case would be as below in which OBD connector would be there.
> <image007.jpg><image008.jpg>
> Do let me know if we need to add something so hardware is future ready. 
> Regards,
> Rohit Soni
> +91-9660770212
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