[Ovmsdev] can log vfs crashes

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Sep 27 15:52:11 HKT 2020


would you mind providing details and a decoded crash backtrace?

The CAN logging queue may saturate, so you lose some frames, but it
should not crash. I've just fed 11.000 frames into a vfs crtd logger
with 10 ms interval without issues:

OVMS# can log stop
Stopping all loggers
I (572602) canlog-vfs: Closed vfs log '/sd/can.crtd': total messages:
11261, dropped: 0, filtered: 0 = 0.0%


Am 26.09.20 um 23:34 schrieb Derek Caudwell:
> Hi all,
> I am wanting to can log 10ms signals to the sdcard, but doing so
> causes the system to crash. However, I do not require 10ms resolution,
> 100-500ms would be fine. What would be the best approach to set a
> logging resolution so as to ignore the intervening packets and avoid
> overloading the core? 
> Cheers
> Derek

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