[Ovmsdev] Which value for SoC?

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Thu Sep 10 20:03:16 HKT 2020


"v.b.soc" is the user SOC, i.e. shall be the same as displayed by the
vehicle and as is actually usable. It would make a weird user experience
if the App showed a different SOC than the car.

If you have access to internal additional / alternative SOC estimates,
publish them in custom metrics for now. A nominal SOC may be added to
the standard metrics if more vehicles now expose this.


Am 10.09.20 um 13:16 schrieb Soko:
> Hey guys,
> I'm currently discussing with a user the correct calculation/display
> of the SoC...
> I'm displaying 1:1 the value of the ECU at the moment. Which is not
> corresponding to the gauge of the VW eUp:
> When the eUp gauge shows full (1/1) on the dashboard, the ECU reports
> ~95% SoC. Gauge at exactly 1/4, the ECU reports ~30% SoC.
> I can't tell if this is due to nominal <=> usable capacity of the
> battery. Or if its an internal threshold so the battery is never fully
> charged or discharged...
> Anyhow... how do other vehicle address this problem? Is the OVMS SoC
> always the same as the vehicle's "official" one?
> For my part - as a technician - I would prefer the "real" value... so
> 1:1 the value from the ECU. The user thinks it should be the value the
> dashboard gauge is showing...
> thanks
> Soko
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