[Ovmsdev] Which value for SoC?

Soko ovms at soko.cc
Thu Sep 10 19:16:39 HKT 2020

Hey guys,

I'm currently discussing with a user the correct calculation/display of 
the SoC...

I'm displaying 1:1 the value of the ECU at the moment. Which is not 
corresponding to the gauge of the VW eUp:

When the eUp gauge shows full (1/1) on the dashboard, the ECU reports 
~95% SoC. Gauge at exactly 1/4, the ECU reports ~30% SoC.

I can't tell if this is due to nominal <=> usable capacity of the 
battery. Or if its an internal threshold so the battery is never fully 
charged or discharged...

Anyhow... how do other vehicle address this problem? Is the OVMS SoC 
always the same as the vehicle's "official" one?

For my part - as a technician - I would prefer the "real" value... so 
1:1 the value from the ECU. The user thinks it should be the value the 
dashboard gauge is showing...



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