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Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Oct 10 03:20:18 HKT 2020


if you all agree on merging both ways to connect now, a single vehicle
implementation with some kind of connection configuration is again the
right option.

Copying the code from the separate vehicles to build a third one will
not be acceptable as the general solution. That would become hell for
code maintenance and user support.

So you first need to agree on working together on this now. You split up
because there were some hard to resolve issues in your earlier

I understand there are some features and metrics available on both
buses, but most are available either only on the OBD bus or only on the
KCAN bus.

Users should be able to decide if they connect either or both of the
buses, unless you find a simple option to provide connectivity to both
from a convenient mounting place for the module.

So for stuff available on both buses the code will need to decide which
bus to use at a given time/state, depending on the connections available
and the data quality available on each of the buses.

That means you need to agree on which bus to prioritize if both are
available, you need to collaborate on this with the goal of providing
the best solution to the user, regardless of your personal preferences.

It seems sharkcow is the perfect choice as a moderator on this. If you
can agree on him/her for this role, you should contribute your changes
to sharkcow's repository first. Sharkcow would take care to integrate
your submissions and then forward the results to the OVMS repository for

On a first glance into the code I think you should reorganize the
modules to separate the bus handling from the general logic /
dispatching layer and factor out common utilities.

As a side note: I can see there are now two bool configs reserved for
this ("con_obd" & "con_t26"), both not actually used yet. This should
become a combined config instance, as there are only three valid options.

But I won't look further now. If you decide to work together now, I'm
sure there will be a much better integration in no time.


Am 09.10.20 um 19:19 schrieb Chris van der Meijden:
> Hey sharkcow,
> great to see that you are pushing the VW e-Up to the next level :-)
> I completely agree that merging the T26A and OBD code is finally the
> way to go. 
> For now we still need a "simple" way to connect the hardware to the
> comfort can and the OBD port simultanously.
> I took a quick look at your index.rst and would like to suggest to
> document how you connect your OVMS to T26A and OBD. Perhaps with a
> picture or two?
> Also nice to read you started with a "Schneider". My starting point
> was a "Sinclair ZX81". Z80 assembler rulez :-)
> Greetinx
> Chris
> (devmarxx)
> Am Freitag, den 09.10.2020, 18:50 +0200 schrieb sharkcow:
>> Dear developers,
>> I have just submitted a pull request for (yet another :) module for the
>> VW e-Up. It's nothing really new as I simply combined the two existing
>> VW e-Up modules for access via Comfort CAN and OBD2 into one module. For
>> now it seems like I'm the only one with both connections, but in the
>> long run I think this is the way to go, because write functions like AC
>> are working on C-CAN, while OBD offers a wealth of metrics (when the car
>> is on or charging). I have started adding additional metrics on OBD and
>> will continue mainly on this route.
>> A few words about myself: I'm an electrical engineer who has always been
>> fascinated by programming hardware functions (started using the
>> extension port of a Schneider CPC computer, which only Germans will
>> know... a competitor to the Commodore C64 at the time). I have been
>> dabbling in microcontrollers (mostly Atmel) and Raspberry Pi for the
>> last few years. Since I never really learned modern programming
>> languages, I go by google-paste-and-error :) So please forgive if you
>> see horrible code; I promise I'm always willing to learn!
>> In 2019, I bought a (generation 1) VW e-Up and ever since tried to
>> figure out as much about the OBD metrics as I can. The breakthrough came
>> beginning of this year, when I managed to sniff about 1100 OBD codes by
>> using a commercial OBD adaptor and a Y-cable with a PC to log the codes.
>> At about the same time, devmarxx showed up and brought me to OVMS.
>> Concerning OVMS, I can only thank you guys for a really great hard- and
>> software platform! This is the perfect playing ground for someone like
>> me. Currently, I just keep discovering how matured this system already
>> is... I try to learn from existing code and can't see any limits to the
>> possibilities :)
>> So, I would be very happy if VWEUP.ALL can be included and maybe one or
>> the other of you can give me helpful hints on how to do things the right
>> way :)
>> Have a great (hacking) weekend!
>> sharkcow
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