[Ovmsdev] New module VWEUP.ALL :)

sharkcow sharkcow at gmx.de
Sat Oct 10 00:50:15 HKT 2020

Dear developers,

I have just submitted a pull request for (yet another :) module for the
VW e-Up. It's nothing really new as I simply combined the two existing
VW e-Up modules for access via Comfort CAN and OBD2 into one module. For
now it seems like I'm the only one with both connections, but in the
long run I think this is the way to go, because write functions like AC
are working on C-CAN, while OBD offers a wealth of metrics (when the car
is on or charging). I have started adding additional metrics on OBD and
will continue mainly on this route.

A few words about myself: I'm an electrical engineer who has always been
fascinated by programming hardware functions (started using the
extension port of a Schneider CPC computer, which only Germans will
know... a competitor to the Commodore C64 at the time). I have been
dabbling in microcontrollers (mostly Atmel) and Raspberry Pi for the
last few years. Since I never really learned modern programming
languages, I go by google-paste-and-error :) So please forgive if you
see horrible code; I promise I'm always willing to learn!

In 2019, I bought a (generation 1) VW e-Up and ever since tried to
figure out as much about the OBD metrics as I can. The breakthrough came
beginning of this year, when I managed to sniff about 1100 OBD codes by
using a commercial OBD adaptor and a Y-cable with a PC to log the codes.
At about the same time, devmarxx showed up and brought me to OVMS.

Concerning OVMS, I can only thank you guys for a really great hard- and
software platform! This is the perfect playing ground for someone like
me. Currently, I just keep discovering how matured this system already
is... I try to learn from existing code and can't see any limits to the
possibilities :)

So, I would be very happy if VWEUP.ALL can be included and maybe one or
the other of you can give me helpful hints on how to do things the right
way :)

Have a great (hacking) weekend!


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