[Ovmsdev] Hello from a new subscriber

Steve Davies steve at telviva.co.za
Mon Nov 30 02:53:02 HKT 2020


I'm Stephen Davies.  Mark suggested that I say hello on the list, so: "Hi!".

I own a 2019 BMW I3S BEV and I'm keen to try to add support into OVMS.

(I live in Cape Town in South Africa - the i3 is the one very few EVs sold

I've done a fair amount of work reverse-engineering messages from a couple
of apps that can already talk to the I3 on OBD2 port.  So I have a fair
list of PIDs from that.

My OVMS box arrived the other day.  I built an ovms-server and I've got my
OVMS box talking to my server and through to the IOS OVMS app.

So the next step will be to set up to be able to build the firmware from
source and then to start adding the i3...

Can I ask one question in conclusion: how do I get the OVMS IOS app to do a
TLS connection?  I told it to use port 6870 but it does not do a TLS

Do OVMS devs hang out in an IRC room, Slack or some such?

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