[Ovmsdev] NL: iOS app - Add Cabin Temp and HVAC state

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Wed Jun 24 11:43:14 HKT 2020

On 2020-06-23 19:22, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> Those two metrics are available in v2 protocol:
>  * Both in doors5, as part of the “D” message
> So, the iOS App should have them delivered. But the iOS App doesn’t
> handle anything beyond doors3 in the “D” message at the moment. That
> would not be too hard to add, but you’d be unlikely to get the change
> 100% without an ability to test. Displaying on the screen itself is
> probably not too hard. Apple has some new requirements for App Store
> submission, including requiring support for apple sign on, that I am not
> sure if we now meet (so getting this approved maybe a hassle). If
> someone makes the change, I will try to get it through.

I recently got a mini (mostly to run zoom for meetings) and can build,
run, and test in the osx simulator; I have more time during the weekend
than the week but would happy to help test changes.

> _*Unified App*_

> If anybody wants to jump onboard and help, that would be most
> appreciated. Especially if you have javascript or react experience.
> Likewise, if anybody wants to try this in another framework, that is
> also possible. At this point, I am simply not sure what is the best
> approach.

I couldn't easily get this to run anywhere. Firefox gave me an empty
popup window. Chrome launch a popup window with a phone that eventually
launches the app. But when I click on it I get a blue window that says
something went wrong (the error log says Uncaught Error: No project
found at exp://exp.host/@undefined/undefined).


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