[Ovmsdev] Hologram outage

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Jul 14 08:02:52 HKT 2020

Craig has let me know of an outage at Hologram.

https://status.hologram.io <https://status.hologram.io/>

Investigating - We are investigating possible issues connecting to the cellular network for some customers. 
Jul 12, 18:27 UTC

Identified - An issue has been identified with a cellular gateway provider affecting all network connectivity routed out of their global point of presence. Hologram has escalated the issue and is actively monitoring for service recovery. We will further update here. Hologram customers using Indigo SIM connectivity are unaffected. 
Jul 12, 18:47 UTC

Update - Hologram Engineering and Customer Success are monitoring 2G/3G connection/authentication delays due to an increase in reconnection load on those radio access technologies (RATs). Our affected global gateway partner is continuing work to increase signaling capacity for 2G/3G connection/authentication. 
Jul 13, 22:21 UTC

I haven’t had any customer reports of this (other than Craig’s), but be aware of the issue.

Regards, Mark.

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