[Ovmsdev] Hi from a new comer

didier at ernotte.com didier at ernotte.com
Thu Dec 31 07:52:57 HKT 2020

I am new here, just received my OVMS device, and started to play with it.I have a couple of questions :
1) Is there anyone around that has started the integration with the Jaguar IPace ? or any JLR products ?
2) I can see that there is multiple CAN bus on the plug (can1, can2, can3). Does the car use the 3 of them, only one, or a mix and we have to listen to all of them ?3) Is there a detailed step-by-step process to start investigating the data on the bus ? I just plug the cable and expected to see "something" in the RE console, in "discover" mode, out of the box, without results. No a good start... :-(

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