[Ovmsdev] How fast can the poller go?

Steve Davies steve at telviva.co.za
Tue Dec 22 21:34:25 HKT 2020


On the i3 I have to poll for everything - at least if I use the OBD2 port.

It seems that the poller only sends one request per second.  That's how it
looks in the logs.

This severely limits how many pids I can poll and basically means I might
as well not bother with any of the "real time" metrics.

Is there a reason why PollerSend couldn't look through the whole poll list
and poll all the entries that are due/overdue on each call?  At the moment
it just looks until if finds one to do and then it returns.

Or maybe if we can't take too long then say do 10 on each call?

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