[Ovmsdev] Refactoring MODEM/SIMCOM for v3.3

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Mon Aug 31 11:51:02 HKT 2020

On 2020-08-30 00:20, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> The initial implementation of this work is in branch for-v3.3, in 
> GitHub. That branch can be used for the upcoming 3.3 release, including 
> potentially breaking changes.
> I’d appreciate any feedback. For the SIM5360, the behaviour should be 
> unchanged from the current implementation (except some improvements to 
> edge cases and control logic). The major user visible change is from 
> ’simcom’ to ‘modem’ for the console commands.

I built and flashed this version on my dev module and was able to 
register on the cell network and get a gps fix (sim5360).

I swapped in my sim7600 modem board, switched the 500 mA power adapter 
for a 1.5A version and booted. Very shortly after booting the /status 
page showed "Unrecognised command" for the modem. But "cellular" showed 

     OVMS# cell
     MODEM Status
       Model: SIM7600
       Network Registration: Searching
         Signal: 0 dBm
       State: NetWait
       Mux: Status up
       PPP: Not running
       GPS: Connected on channel: #1

I was using the serial console and notice that "cell" command worked 
without enable but "location status" (still) required enable mode.

I don't have a lot of confidence in my cell antenna setup, the best I 
can say about it is it worked with the sim5360 and it's the same as what 
I've been using my my Corvette (the gm oem onstar windshield antenna 
with separate cell and gps connections). I dug out a pair of fasttech 
antennas and used the web page to cycle power on the modem. After this 
point the module was unable to identify the module. I tried rebooting 
and that didn't help. I cycled power and it was able to id the simcom 
again but still no network registration or gps. The next time I did a 
warm reboot the MODEM Status Model was again stuck on auto.

I don't have any time left this weekend for serious debugging but I'm 
game if there are simple things you'd like me to try.


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