[Ovmsdev] OBD/UDS Poller receiver rework

Derek Caudwell d.caudwell at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 05:25:29 HKT 2020

I've included the ability to switch can bus to the Poller rework by adding
an extra field to the PIDPollList structure.

It should not break any vehicle specific code, but will throw a compile
warning if the bus is not specified in the list. Once Michael has
reviewed it, appreciate retesting.

Note the changes to 0x22 message length required a code change in the Leaf
as it uses an incoming message length test. May be worth checking other
vehicle types for this.

Hopefully these changes will resolve some of the potential reasons for the
Leaf crashing the ovms module.

Looking good so far 👍

Cheers Derek
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