[Ovmsdev] Frequent Crashes

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Aug 19 18:26:05 HKT 2020


I've currently got two candidates for this:

a) the yet again broken PSRAM toolchain fix:

b) the recently discovered concurrency issue in the OBD poller:

I didn't get a response to a), and b) is currently being worked on by
Soko & Thomas.

On a)… it may be worth trying the pre-release toolchain from that issue,
we've been using before. I switched to the "final" release before fixing
the mutex WDT bug, so maybe the mutex bug cloaked a new issue from the
new toolchain bug.

On b)… as you're using the Leaf, and the Leaf code uses the poller to
retrieve battery cell data (= lots of frames), you may be experiencing this.

A quick local fix without adding Sokos polling extension would be:

 1. In vehicle.cpp, line 2040 (in PollerSend), change "if
    (m_poll_ml_remain > 7)" to "if (m_poll_ml_remain > 0)"
 2. Insert before line 2128 (in PollerReceive): "OvmsMutexLock

This wouldn't fix all found issues with the current poller, but should
avoid the potential reply handler runaway situation.

I'd give b) a try first.


Am 18.08.20 um 04:04 schrieb Derek Caudwell:
> With DukTape disabled and Mcp2515 overflow logging turned off the
> module has run and been stable for 5 days or so however I had it crash
> today with the following log entry.
> 2020-08-18 13:16:55 NZST I (12067) ovms-server-v3: Tx notify
> ovms/nismo/notify/data/debug.crash/1/0=*-OVM-DebugCrash,0,2592000,3.2.014-45-g390b4759-dirty/ota_0/edge
> (build idf v3.3.2-881-g22d636b7b-dirty Aug 13 2020
> 19:05:42),13,Crash,12,12,1,0,abort(),0,,0x4008e96b 0x4008ec05
> 0x400e6aec 0x40084122 ,6,Task watchdog,ticker.1,esp32wifi,0,IDLE1 
> It appears the issue remains (note this is with OVMS Events set to
> priority 19), however the likelihood of it causing the module to crash
> is reduced. 
> Let me know if you have other suggestions to debug it, otherwise I
> will re-enable DukTape and see if anything changes.
> Cheers
> Derek
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