[Ovmsdev] Weirdest value conversion ever

Soko ovms at soko.cc
Mon Aug 17 15:45:58 HKT 2020


I'm trying to find the correct value conversions from the CAN-Hex values 
to the display values in VCDS. I cannot believe the values I'm getting 
though so I'd like to ask you for help guys as I ran out of ideas...

Its about the Ah and kWh charged and discharged. All 4 values are at the 
same PID and I get 16 bytes as reply which suggests 4 bytes per value. 
(I've already checked if there are other values in this PID but there 
are not).

Here is what I've done checked so far:

 1. Swapping Ah data with kWh data. No luck as the conversion factors
    are just other weird values
 2. Looking for an offset from 0. No luck as the delta-section below proves
 3. As they are 4 bytes they may be no integer but float. Some of you
    might already see by the hex values that it can't be float

I'm very grateful for any thoughts as this just can't be right as the 
conversion factor differs slightly with every day I'm taking new data...

It might just be me interpreting the CAN-Hex data in a wrong way, but I 
can't find the error.

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