[Ovmsdev] New pull requests pending

Soko ovms at soko.cc
Mon Aug 17 13:08:07 HKT 2020

PS: On a second thought I kinda cannot see the advantage of a PR request into a Dev branch in comparison into the master branch. 
If the PR is changed and improved until it is approved by you guys it should be OK to go into the master. 

On 17 August 2020 07:00:37 CEST, Soko <ovms at soko.cc> wrote:
>Hi Derek. 
>I would prefer the first option as discussing source is way easier on a
>PR in github as here in the mailing list. 
>On 17 August 2020 06:53:40 CEST, Derek Caudwell <d.caudwell at gmail.com>
>>Hi Mark,
>>Would it possible to have a 'Dev' branch in the main repository for
>>of us needing assistance to get a feature to the point it can be
>>into the 'Master'?
>>If that's not preferred and we use a branch on our own github clone,
>>as simple as providing the link to the branch on this email list to
>>others to collaborate/review?
>>With the latter approach we may miss out on input from others not
>>monitoring this forum I guess.
>>Regards Derek
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