[Ovmsdev] OBD extended diag session

Soko ovms at soko.cc
Sun Aug 16 22:28:20 HKT 2020

Hi guys,

Question for the CAN and ECU experts:

I am logging into the battery charger ECU on my eUp via the extended diag session code. Otherwise I get 7F as reply. 

I am interested in the power efficiency (pe) and power loss (pl) values.

It seems though as they have another timeout than the ext diag session as I am polling it every 5 seconds. So ext diag is "always on". 

But after 20 minutes during charging the values change from the realistic ones to pe=100% and pl=0. To get the real values back I have to unlock the car and turn the ignition. Then I can turn off and lock the car again. 

Now to the question: Is this behaviour somehow known from other vehicles as well or can it be an error in my code not sending the ext diag msg correctly?

Although when I dont send it at all I dont get even a value for pe and pl, just the 7F error msg. 

So do you think it is possible to get those values for longer than 20 mins without having to turn the ignition? Or am I out of luck here as it seems to be some VW specific thing...

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