[Ovmsdev] 3G / 2G fallback on SIM5360 Europe?

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Aug 2 16:59:02 HKT 2020


how to send modem commands and read the responses:

OVMS# log level debug simcom
Logging level for simcom set to debug
OVMS# simcom cmd AT+COPS?
SIMCOM command has been sent.
D (164488782) simcom: tx mcmd ch=4 len=10  : AT+COPS?
D (164488792) simcom: rx line ch=4 len=23  : +COPS: 0,0,"congstar",2
D (164488802) simcom: rx line ch=4 len=2   : OK

Now let's see if we have 3G:

OVMS# simcom cmd AT+CPSI?
SIMCOM command has been sent.
D (164693462) simcom: tx mcmd ch=4 len=10  : AT+CPSI?
D (164693482) simcom: rx line ch=4 len=85  : +CPSI:
WCDMA,Online,262-01,0x16C3,7824927,WCDMA IMT
D (164693482) simcom: rx line ch=4 len=2   : OK

Yes. Well, no surprise, Telekom network :-).

The SIM5360 is supposed to automatically fall back to 2G if 3G isn't
available. On a quick browse through the manual, I didn't find a command
to force 2G, just one to lock to a specific 2G cell… you could do that
depending on your location, but maybe you should first inspect your
modem status now.


Am 02.08.20 um 09:39 schrieb Chris van der Meijden:
> Hi all
> I'm trying to understand some principals of the SIM connection methods
> of OVMS.
> Reason is that I recently moved from "the big city" Munich to the very
> much rural village Thalham. In Thalham we have so called "lite" mobile
> transmitters. These transmitters are installed, as far as I
> understood, to safe money and to prepare the transition of the
> providers to 4g / 5g. They are forcing the frequencies towards the 4g
> band with those.
> So these transmitters seem to offer only 2g and 4g, but no more 3g
> (really ???).
> I don't have any network connection with the SIM in my OVMS here in
> Thalham. In the next village Zolling I have connection. In Zolling
> they don't have the "lite" transmitters, but still have full 3g
> support. The antenna of my OVMS is working well (-100 dBm to -70 dBm).
> Now my questions ...
> Does OVMS have a fallback on SIM5360 Europe to 2g (EDGE) if 3g is not
> available?
> I also did some reading in the modem documentation and tried to send
> some AT commands. Goal is to try to force the SIM into 2g mode. I
> tried i.e.
> simcom muxtx 2 AT+COPS?
> to get some information from the SIM, but I don't get an answer on
> that command at all. No matter what channel I try. Am I missing
> something there?
> Thanx for input.
> Regards
> Chris
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