[Ovmsdev] 3G / 2G fallback on SIM5360 Europe?

Chris van der Meijden chris at arachnon.de
Sun Aug 2 15:39:55 HKT 2020

Hi all

I'm trying to understand some principals of the SIM connection methods
of OVMS.

Reason is that I recently moved from "the big city" Munich to the very
much rural village Thalham. In Thalham we have so called "lite" mobile
transmitters. These transmitters are installed, as far as I understood,
to safe money and to prepare the transition of the providers to 4g /
5g. They are forcing the frequencies towards the 4g band with those.

So these transmitters seem to offer only 2g and 4g, but no more 3g
(really ???).

I don't have any network connection with the SIM in my OVMS here in
Thalham. In the next village Zolling I have connection. In Zolling they
don't have the "lite" transmitters, but still have full 3g support. The
antenna of my OVMS is working well (-100 dBm to -70 dBm).

Now my questions ...

Does OVMS have a fallback on SIM5360 Europe to 2g (EDGE) if 3g is not

I also did some reading in the modem documentation and tried to send
some AT commands. Goal is to try to force the SIM into 2g mode. I tried

simcom muxtx 2 AT+COPS?

to get some information from the SIM, but I don't get an answer on that
command at all. No matter what channel I try. Am I missing something

Thanx for input.


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