[Ovmsdev] OVMS Data Cable for Later Tesla Model S/X

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Aug 25 14:54:19 HKT 2020

Annoyed with overpriced cables using X437A connector for later Model S and X cars, we made our own.

OVMS Data Cable for Later Tesla Model S/X <https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10070138/9730443-ovms-data-cable-for-later-tesla-model-s-x>
US$14.50, including basic shipping.​

The cable provides access to the three most useful CAN buses, for later Tesla Model S and X vehicles using Sumitomo 6098-5622 (X437A) connector. It also exposes CAN2+Body bus (but requires custom replacement of DB9 connector to use).
Pinout: OVT2
6098-5622 DB9-F Signal
--------- -------- --------
      18   7       CAN0-H
       2   8       CAN2-H
       6   1       K-Line
      13   5       CAN1-H
      19   2       CAN0-L
       3   6       CAN2-L
      20   3       GND
       1   9       +12V
      14   4       CAN1-L
       9   n/c     CAN2+Body (no connection at DB9-F)
      10   n/c     CAN2-Body (no connection at DB9-F)
Cable: 1m in length, 11 core
DB9-F: Moulded
6098-5622 Heat-shrink tubing to protect end of cable
Label: "OVT2" in black-on-white lettering, shrink to cable
This cable can be used to connect OVMS to a later Model S or X, or for general CAN bus hacking on those cars.

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