[Ovmsdev] Netmanager priority issue solved / PSRAM still buggy

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Aug 1 04:10:17 HKT 2020

That mutex fix was a giant leap forward in stability.

My module has now been running for a whole week without a single WDT /
event overflow. Well, one, but that was kind of expected, I had an
unfiltered CAN log running in the web UI via a poor Wifi connection.
Still will try to prevent that, but that's a different issue.

There still have been some (few!) WDT and event queue starvations in the
field. I had some detail reports from users and will try to find the cause.

But according to the latest comment to the PSRAM issue
the fix in the official release had a regression. In some cases, the bug
will occur again. The report issue #5423 had the effect of this freezing
the LwIP task, which would create the WDT / event issue for us as well.
I'd rather apply the coming toolchain fix release first.

I'll keep you informed about the toolchain progress.


Am 24.07.20 um 15:27 schrieb Michael Balzer:
> As a side effect, this may also solve the strange event task starvations
> (hope so…). I was investigating this as I suspected some busy loop in
> the netmanager context. With the netman running at prio 22, that would
> effectively block almost all other processing including the timer
> service. I've found & fixed one potential busy loop trigger in the
> netman that would have been caused by the netman task still running
> while all interfaces had been lost -- not sure if that could happen, but
> it would explain the effects.

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