[Ovmsdev] Roadster: Some alerts not showing up

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 07:01:52 HKT 2019

Hi folks (Mark, probably),

Interesting...  My Tesla Roadster has been having trouble with its PEM
fan, causing a bunch of 1146 Alerts to be generated while driving and/or
charging.  I've been monitoring the situation via OVMSv3. 

The alerts suddenly stopped a bit over a week ago.  Other events
continue to be received (charge start, stop, key in / door open, etc.),
but not the 1146's.  I do a monthly download of the car logs, and to my
surprise (and disappointment), the 1146s are still happening.

Was there a change to the plumbing somewhere such that these diagnostic
alerts (perhaps versus user-visible events) are now being filtered out? 



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