[Ovmsdev] Cannot reset simcom stuck in PoweringOn state without removing module power

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sat Nov 23 20:46:49 HKT 2019


This is the line that matters:

State: PoweringOn

The others all show the status before the last power down.

That state means it is sending OK’s to the modem, and waiting for a response. If it doesn’t get one, it will try a reset (via MDM_EN) and wait again.

It would be useful to see a debug log from the modem in that state. See what is being sent to it, and what it replies with (if anything) - particularly through the MDM_EN reset cycles.

Regards, Mark.

> On 23 Nov 2019, at 6:12 AM, Craig Leres <leres at xse.com> wrote:
> On 2019-11-22 01:56, Michael Balzer wrote:
>> What firmware version do you have on the SIMCOM?
> The one that most recently wedged is... wedged again:
>    OVMS# simcom cmd AT+CGMR
>    ERROR: SIMCOM command channel not available!
> But in a new way, the gps is working and the modem is registered with the network:
>    OVMS# simcom
>    Network Registration: RegisteredRoaming
>    Provider: T-Mobile Hologram
>    Signal: -93 dBm
>    State: PoweringOn
>    PPP: Not connected
>         Last Error: User Interrupt
>    GPS: Not connected
> I guess it got into a funny state when I was driving earlier. Anyway after rebooting it was still stuck in PoweringOn so I cycled power.
> Ok, both of the modules I have in cars are 35316B07SIM5360A. My third module is the one I swapped simcoms in and is LE11B02SIM7500A (physical label says 7600A).
> I registered with techship.com and have the firmware update tool. But the only rar files I see look like they're for the European SIM5360?
>    https://simcom.ee/documents/?dir=SIM5360
>    35316B09SIM5360E.rar
>    35316B10SIM5360E.rar
>    35316B10SIM5360E_QDL5.1.rar
> and I don't see anything for the 7600. I've asked if the US firmware is available.
> What's the path to upgrading simcom firmware? Is it just a matter of plugging the usb connector on the modem board to my windows 10 laptop? I can see USB_D- and USB_D+ connections to the simcom, not sure about USB_5V.
> Tomorrow I'll try to pull my car modules and determine if the modem boards have the pullup resistor or not.
> One last thing I'm confused about is the pullup resistor on the MEM_EN line. I don't see it on v3.1 or v3.2 schematics? I tried to complare the pdfs from github visually and the only difference I see is in the A0Z1280CI circuit (and I remember Mark saying they added a choke to the power supply).
> 		Craig
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