[Ovmsdev] Distinguishing between eNiro and Kona

Timo Penttilä timo.penttila at codetap.se
Sun Nov 3 21:27:57 HKT 2019

Hi Pete
I think the ODO can be solved with the VIN as you describe.
Is the issue with the doors for both locked/unlocked and open/closed doors?
For the doors and Miles/Km I think it would be best to have a config value.

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Hi All,

In trying to get my UK Kona Electric working I've realised that in the eNiro code we need to distinguish between :

* Kia eNero and Hyundai Kona ( console odometer is different PID location )
* Country ( console odometer can be in Miles or Kilometres )
* Left hand drive and right hand drive ( door PID's are associated with driver position not fixed left/right )

I'm wondering whats the best way to do this.

I believe the VIN number can tell us the first one - Hyundai is KMH and Kia KN, so the odometer code could look at the VIN number to choose where to extract the odometer info.

However I'm not sure on the others.  I can't tell if the VIN number gives this level of detail.

My UK Kona ( right hand dive, uses miles ) VIN starts with KMHK581GUKU - but I've not found a definitive way to fully decode the VIN for eNiro and Kona Electric.

I guess the other option is to add some car specific features.

Any ideas ?



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