[Ovmsdev] v3.2 hardware schematics and PCB layout

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Jun 10 10:16:36 HKT 2019

I’ve uploaded the v3.2 hardware schematics and PCB layout files. The boards are labelled ‘v3.2’ and this is the version that was recently FCC and CE certified. The only changes are related to EMC, and addition of components to bring that under control (doing it at board level avoids the need to change vehicle cables). We also made minor three component changes to meet ROHS requirements (a micro USB connector, and the red plastic dust caps on the antennas). You can find these documents in the vehicle/hardware/v3.2 directory.

The first v3.2 hardware has completed all testing, and production of the first batch is in progress. We are finalising the CE and FCC documentation. EU kits (with CE conformity) should be available within the next week or two at Fasttech, and shortly after that at shop.openenergymonitor.com <http://shop.openenergymonitor.com/> (for direct distribution within EU).

Regards, Mark.

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