[Ovmsdev] Trying to get a new car in, CRTD, CANbus and all

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Tue Jul 16 00:52:37 HKT 2019

I don't know anything about VW network buses but with GM there are 
usually two buses (OBD-II up through 2014 anyway). All models have a 
high speed can on pins 14 and 6 of the diagnostic connector. Newer 
models have a low speed, single wire can bus on pin 1. Older use 
J1850/Class 2 PWM on pin 2. The high speed bus has mostly engine, brake 
and related. Doors, hvac, infotainment are on the low speed bus. Single 
wire can and J1850 appear to be unique to GM.

I would start by figuring out where the other buses are in your new car.


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