[Ovmsdev] Trying to get a new car in, CRTD, CANbus and all

Julien “JaXX” Banchet jaxx at jaxx.org
Mon Jul 15 22:43:20 HKT 2019

Hi everyone, and happy summer to all !

So, sold my Twizy a month ago, the OVMSv3.1 has left with it, got a VW e-UP! a little bit before and received a v3.2 last week.
Threw away a few microSDs but got a CRTD log this afternoon.

While I have the weird impression 1335 lines and 55kB ( https://pastebin.com/FAZqnzie ) for a 30 minute drive back from work seems very short, I tried reading it in SavvyQT but it “salvages” only the first 35 lines.
(30 minutes kinda full left aside the wipers, ignition off, on, launch, lights, windows, reversing, and even blinkers that Parisians try to avoid using for some odd reason, so yeah, 1335 lines, that’s not even a frame per second, something is missing)

No DBC found on the interwebz for volkswagen’s AA/12 platform, so I’m in for making a first probably ? That is if the sole CANBus connected got anything worthy (OBDII vehicle module used)

I have understood VAG cars are a bit different in a way, I wouldn’t be surprised accessing VW busses need a bit of help :)

Anybody around with a bit of knowledge with these cars ?



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