[Ovmsdev] BUG? in v3.2.0-1 in vehicle_mitsubishi - flood of BMS-error msg

Tamás Kovács kommykt at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 21:22:36 HKT 2019

The code tested on Peugeot iOn with 88 cell.
Can you create a log for me from can messages about 5 sec?
I can see whats the difference in 80 cell can messages.

I use the following to create log from can messages.
Connect to ovms via ssh: ssh -c aes128-cbc ovms at

- re start

- re mode serve

- re serve format crtd

Then, on workstation:

 - nc 3000 | tee log.crtd

And the send me the log.crtd file.

Michael Eric Menk <mikeemenk at gmail.com> ezt írta (időpont: 2019. jan. 19.,
Szo, 14:08):

> There is a bug in MIEV code, that bombs the web GUI and phone APP with BMS errors.
> I suspect that this is  because the Peugeot and Citroen branded MIEVs have a 80 cell battery pack vs MIEVs  88cells.
> Sample of a message:
> Voltage: SD=1mV OK
> Temperature: SD=1.4C !6:+3.1C !16:+3.1C !18:+3.1C
> The missing cells could also be used to set the voltage gauge. There are
> two LEV50-4 missing in the 80 cell pack, number 06 and 12. If a flagg is
> set while looping the CAN massages, then the flag can be used inside
> OvmsVehicleMitsubishi::GetDashboardConfig to set correct voltage. The float
> charge voltage of the 80 cell pack is 328.4 volt
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