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Re: Documentation usability review.

I cant find any documentation on the scripting that was mentioned in either the user or development manual or the github.  Can anyone point me to more information on this feature.


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On Thu, 3 Jan 2019, Robert Sharpe (Electric Vehicle Consultant) wrote: 


> Has anyone got any thoughts on ACC feature documentation? 


The ACC feature does not exist (yet) in OVMSv3.  Mark has said that it 

should be possible to write scripts to perform the same functions, so 

I started out to do that and discovered that there are some required 

pieces still missing. 


>             2) ACC features 

> 2.1) Is the following documentation relevant to current version 

>       OVMS ACC Configuration (Tesla Motors Club, Oct 2017) - is this valid 

> for non-Tesla cars? 


I don't know.  I didn't have OVMSv2 and so never used ACC. 


>       v2.5.5 firmware (2013) - is this still valid? 


That version number was for OVMSv2.  OVMSv3 has completely different 

firmware and a new version sequence. 


> 2.2) Where is the source code for ACC? 

>       I cant find "CHARGEBY" references in github. 


Does not exist. 


> 2.3) Can someone help with ACC help text? 


Waiting for a couple of things Mark said he was working on. 


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