[Ovmsdev] std::string data corruption (issue #189)

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Fri Jan 25 04:19:14 HKT 2019

Everyone please have a look at…


Please try to reproduce the bug on your modules.

I'm open for explanations.

I thought this might be some copy-on-write bug with std::string, but the gcc 5.x libstdc++ does no longer use that implementation (wouldn't be C++11 compliant
as well). I also tried moving all strings to temporary buffers, but modes 5 & 6 eliminated this explanation as well.

My remaining theories:

  * A task writing out of bounds (but only 0-bytes?)
  * A hardware issue only affecting some modules

A hardware issue only affecting some percentage of ESP32 could explain this as well as the strange heap corruptions that seem to affect some modules especially


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