[Ovmsdev] 2019

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Jan 8 12:27:58 HKT 2019

Firstly, a very belated merry xmas, and happy 2019 to everyone. I hope that you all got to spend good times with friends and family, as I did. I’ve been travelling, and just got back home to a very large eMail inbox.

During my travels, I did manage to re-work the javascript framework to be single task based. That seems to work well, and now I’m back I will test on my car. The new framework is backwards compatible - apart from memory usage (one more task with a stack), it has no impact to the flow. It will, however, allow us to extend this a lot more and become much more useful. Assuming no issues, I will be able to commit that soon.

As we are up to 144 commits since 3.1.011, perhaps it is well past due for 3.1.012? I was hoping that Espressif would have fixed the bug related to wear levelling version upgrades that Michael helped to identify, but not yet. Any objections to a 3.1.012 release to EAP at the end of this week?

The CE/FCC certification work is progressing. No issues so far. I’ll let you know as soon as we get near completion for this.

I’m working through my inbox now, and will reply individually to questions there.

Regards, Mark.

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