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Robert Sharpe (Electric Vehicle Consultant) robert.sharpe at evergreen-consulting.co.uk
Mon Jan 7 19:08:49 HKT 2019


In order to help new users access the power of the OVMS I have pulled together some of the scripting documentation.  It is mainly from http://bit.ly/2FcqnyS and is in a draft section in a http://bit.ly/2sdkgmh that will later be integrated into User Manual once reviewed.

I don't have an OVMS unit at the moment so cant test myself.

So it would be great if those with experience of using the scripting feature could review/add to the above document as necessary.

You will need to request access, mainly so that I can come back to specific people if I need to clarify anything (rather than pinging the entire group).

Also happy to take known issues not in the http://bit.ly/2CUS8KX and capture in github.


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