[Ovmsdev] Callout for JDM Nissan Leaf VINs

Robin O'Leary ovmsdev at caederus.org
Sun Feb 24 01:49:44 HKT 2019

On Sat, Feb 23, 2019 at 07:01:33AM +0000, Anko Hanse wrote:
> This is related to feature requests #180 and #181 (automatic detection
> of model-year and battery size).

> ... Note that LeafSpy-Pro also toggles with another VIN-like number,
> I'm interested in that too if people can get it.

That other number reported by LeafSpy is the HVBATT serial number, obtained
from UDS query 0x79b.2184, reply from 0x7bb.6184.  Here is a patch to
implement that query (when the car is ready to drive) and report it as


> If not then just the ZE0- or AZE0- number is fine...  Possibly any NZ
> OVMS users seeing this post can do the same and also email me those
> details or reply here. For privacy reasons I would suggest to mask
> the lowest digits of your VINs, i.e:
>     AZE0-2003xx, Dec 2015, 30kwh, 230JT11122000xxx
> Hopefully that will give us some new insights... I very much hope our
> collective powers can confirm that ZE0-1xxxxx and AZE0-1xxxxx is 24kwh,
> AZE0-2xxxxx is 30kwh, AZE1-1xxxxx is 40kwh and possibly AZE1-2xxxxx
> will be 62kwh    :-)

Here are two results I have observed:

2015 24kWh UK	SJNFAAZE0U60xxxxx	230UK114BM0xxxxx
2018 40kWh UK	SJNFAAZE1U00xxxxx	230UK1189A0xxxxx

Although it's interesting to know if there are deeper meanings in VIN or
battery version numbers, I think we should avoid making the code depend
on such indirect deductions.

The xnl.modelyear config parameter only affects how we start the TCU,
by sending either a 1-byte message on CAN1 for 2012--2015 or a 4-byte
message on CAN2 for 2016 onwards.  I suspect it does no harm to send
both messages regardless, in which case, we could simply scrap the model
year distinction.  And if we really do want to take care only to send
the correct message for the current model, can we perhaps more safely
determine this automatically by watching which bus sees TCU traffic?
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