[Ovmsdev] version 3.2.007: Crash on boot

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Dec 11 17:20:10 HKT 2019


Greg uses your build, the crash point seems to be consistent, can you post the a2l on this?


PS: Greg, would you mind switching to EAP to beta test future releases?

Am 11.12.19 um 04:33 schrieb Greg D.:
> Hi folks,
> Well, the module updated to 3.2.007 last night.  I just checked on it,
> and it appears that it didn't exactly survive.  Crashed while running
> the autoconfig script.  Log with two cycles attached.
> I tried renaming the /store/events directory to /store/was_events since
> it seems like Duktape was getting in the way, but that didn't resolve
> the crash.  I manually enabled wifi so I could manage the module, and
> moved it back to 3.2.005 from the other partition.  Seems stable again.
> The car is going into the Service Center tomorrow (the perennial issue
> with 1146 alerts), so I need to have the module stable so that I can
> keep an eye on it.  Going to leave it on 3.2.005 for now, unless someone
> has a quick fix in the next few hours...
> Otherwise, any ideas for troubleshooting after I get the car back back
> (hopefully end of day)?
> Greg
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