[Ovmsdev] JTAG debugging

Marko Juhanne marko.juhanne at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 02:30:23 HKT 2019


has anyone tried JTAG debugging with OVMS? Mainly interested in having
settable breakpoints (a feature which doesn't seem to be possible with UART
gdb stub in ESP32, but seems to work with ESP8266. See
https://visualgdb.com/tutorials/esp8266/gdbstub/ ).

There's no JTAG header on OVMS, but I'm willing to solder a JTAG connector
directly to ESP32 pins. But those pins are already connected to the SD-card
reader.. Is not having a sd-card in the slot enough, or does the
initialization mess with the debugger connection, thus needing to disable
the sd card module on firmware? Or do I have to desolder the reader? (last

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