[Ovmsdev] Roadster cooldown

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Fri Oct 26 14:04:06 HKT 2018

After several weeks delay, I had a chance to try "charge cooldown"
again after driving 200 miles to return home today (after a very nice
drive yesterday down the rugged California coast Hwy 1 with the top off and
clear road ahead 90% of the time).

As requested, with the charge cable plugged in and not charging (which
means the VDS is in the state of waiting for timed charge) I connected
the USB console cable and issued the "charge cooldown" command.  This
did cause charging to start in Range mode, but the current was the
full 32A available in my garage, not 12A as I thought was the design
for the cooldown procedure.  The log is attached; it looks like the
cooldown was deemed completed after a few minutes, but then the charge
mode switched back to Standard and charging continued at 32A for
another few minutes until I stopped it with the button on the VDS.
I'll let charging continue and complete during the normal timed charge

                                                        -- Steve

On Fri, 14 Sep 2018, Stephen Casner wrote:

> Mark,
> Not to worry.  This is not a critical problem for me.
> I did find 'vehicle status' but nothing in the output conveyed to me
> whether cooldown was in progress.  Sorry I didn't do a screen capture.
> The car was plugged in but not charging when I gave the 'charge
> cooldown' command, and the charge start time set on the VDS had not
> been reached, so I don't know why it would have been in charging
> state.
> I will try again with my laptop connected to the console rather than
> just trying to run this from the web UI with my phone.  Since the day
> of the previous attempt it's been cool enough here and I have not
> driven far enough for the battery temperature to get above 31.  I
> could try adjusting the templimit.
>                                                         -- Steve
> On Fri, 14 Sep 2018, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> > Steve,
> >
> > Sorry for the delay in reply. I have been overwhelmed with work…
> >
> > You can check the status of cooldown with ‘vehicle status’. In addition, an info-level log line is output once every minute while cooldown is in progress.
> >
> > The current roadster implementation was copied from v2. It is largely untested (beyond simulation on my bench). When the cooldown command is given, it looks to see if a charge is currently in progress and if so remembers the details of that charge (mode, current, etc). After cooldown has completed, it will resume any previous charge that was in progress. So, I think if you want to do a cooldown without a subsequent charge, then the sequence would be to stop charge then cooldown.
> >
> > Cooldown does use two parameters:
> >
> > xtr cooldown.timelimit 60
> > xtr cooldown.templimit 31
> >
> > If the cooldown has been running more than cooldown.timelimit, or the battery temperature falls below cooldown.templimit, it will terminate the cooldown.
> >
> > Can you try again, from a plugged in but not charging state, and check ‘vehicle status’ and the info logs to see progress?
> >
> > Regards, Mark.
> >
> > > On 11 Sep 2018, at 8:47 AM, Stephen Casner <casner at acm.org> wrote:
> > >
> > > Last evening I returned home from a trip and decided to try the
> > > "charge cooldown" command to cool the battery on my Roadster.  I had
> > > not tried it before, and I think it may not have worked correctly.
> > >
> > > I issued the "charge cooldown" command using the shell page of the web
> > > UI.  The response was a line indicating that the cooldown had started,
> > > and I got a notification through server v2 that the car was charging
> > > in Range mode.  But later the status page in the iPhone app indicated
> > > that the car was charging in Standard mode at 32A, which is the full
> > > rate from my EVSE.  Over the course of half an hour the SOC increased
> > > from 42% to 50%, at which point I manually stopped the charge.
> > >
> > > I thought the cooldown procedure was supposed to charge in Range mode
> > > at 12A and not significantly add to the battery charge level.  I have
> > > not studied the cooldown code, but after a quick look I see that the
> > > procedure is more complicated than one might expect, stepping through
> > > multiple cycles as needed.
> > >
> > > Did I do something incorrectly?  Or do these symptoms indicate that
> > > there might be a problem with the implementation?
> > >
> > > While the charge was in progress I blindly tried a "charge status"
> > > command hoping that it would tell me about the progress of cooldown,
> > > but alas that subcommand does not exist.
> > >
> > >                                                        -- Steve
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