[Ovmsdev] Kilometers instead of miles

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue May 15 16:33:50 HKT 2018

I think the code just doesn’t do the conversions at the moment.

It should be possible to do this in a fairly transparent manner, centrally in ovms_metrics. If a specific unit factor isn’t specified, ‘other’ is used. We should be able to pick up on that, look at the actual storage unit as well as configured preference, then handle appropriately.

Regards, Mark.

> On 15 May 2018, at 3:31 PM, Stephen Casner <casner at acm.org> wrote:
> Even though I have selected Miles in the Vehicle configuration in the
> web UI, the status and dashboard in the web UI report in km.  Alerts
> that I receive through the app are also in km even though the app is
> displaying range in miles as it should.  Do I need to select Miles
> somewhere else?  Is this a consequence of not having gone through the
> setup wizard on this unit?  (It it the v3.0 unit on which I've done
> all my development work.)
>                                                        -- Steve
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