[Ovmsdev] Charge time prediction

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed May 16 00:41:38 HKT 2018


    commit 9b841bfaaf5538da465e66da31c308c8c370f76f
    Vehicle: Clear the charge time predictor values, for all vehicles, when charge ends.

That approach is not correct, I still (or especially) want to know the remaining charge time for the sufficient levels and the full charge if I stop the charge
manually or automatically.

I wouldn't see a problem in doing this based on the charge state "done", but is this necessary at all? Wouldn't the vehicle normally calculate the prediction
continuously based on the SOC and charge config? The SOC changes independantly of charging and driving by self discharging and powering components, recharging
the 12V battery etc..


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