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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue May 15 21:27:26 HKT 2018

Did some off-list work with Steve and Greg on homelink. Turns out that there is really a ‘duration’ associated with homelink transmissions. For Tesla Roadster:

For single button presses, the duration is about 1,000ms.
Any transmission longer than about 10,000ms - 14,000ms is cut-off and aborted after that time.
If a button is held down, homelink continues to transmit (up to the maximum #2 above).

Accordingly, I’ve updated the homelink command, and vehicle modules that use it. Haven’t bothered to change the OVMS protocol v2 (as that can just use the default of 1000ms).

Regards, Mark

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> Subject: [openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3] 951f04: Support durations (default 1000ms) for homelink tr...
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>  Author: Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net>
>  Date:   2018-05-15 (Tue, 15 May 2018)
>  Changed paths:
>    M vehicle/OVMS.V3/components/vehicle/vehicle.cpp
>    M vehicle/OVMS.V3/components/vehicle/vehicle.h
>    M vehicle/OVMS.V3/components/vehicle_demo/src/vehicle_demo.cpp
>    M vehicle/OVMS.V3/components/vehicle_demo/src/vehicle_demo.h
>    M vehicle/OVMS.V3/components/vehicle_nissanleaf/src/vehicle_nissanleaf.cpp
>    M vehicle/OVMS.V3/components/vehicle_nissanleaf/src/vehicle_nissanleaf.h
>    M vehicle/OVMS.V3/components/vehicle_teslaroadster/src/vehicle_teslaroadster.cpp
>    M vehicle/OVMS.V3/components/vehicle_teslaroadster/src/vehicle_teslaroadster.h
>  Log Message:
>  -----------
>  Support durations (default 1000ms) for homelink transmissions.
>      **NOTE:** This service been marked for deprecation: https://developer.github.com/changes/2018-04-25-github-services-deprecation/
>      Functionality will be removed from GitHub.com on January 31st, 2019.

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