[Ovmsdev] iOS browser size problem

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Mon May 14 07:25:59 HKT 2018

I'm running iOS 11.3 on an iPhone 7.  When I connected to the OVMS
webserver from the phone for the first time I clicked through a couple
of pages to the Wifi config and then wanted to go to another page so I
needed to drop down the menu.  When I did so, it was clipped as you
see in the attached screenshot.  I could shrink it back to fit with a
squeeze gesture.  I'm sure I had not done an expand gesture
beforehand, but when I tried deleting that page from the browser
history and then going back again I did not see the problem.  I'll try
to be more observant watching for a repeat.

                                                        -- Steve
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