[Ovmsdev] v3 hardware disconnecting from v2 server

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sun Mar 25 17:58:14 HKT 2018

I think that the housekeeping task is locked up. With the latest code I have, the per-10-minute housekeeping message has stopped.

My guess is still the ppp code, during session teardown.

I sent a detailed message on this an hour or so, with my analysis of this.

Regards, Mark.

> On 25 Mar 2018, at 5:52 PM, Tom Parker <tom at carrott.org> wrote:
> On 25/03/18 02:41, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>> The issue I was having was some task (I suspect lwip) gets messed up. Stopping the modem, trying to connect wifi, etc, all just locked up the async console. I think you had the same?
> Re-winding this thread to the 'power simcom off' freezes the console aspect as distinct from the disabling the simcard issue. I had the module disconnect again this evening, though without a datalogger attached. Some more information about this state:
> The mux is up
> AT communication with the simcom works on channel 3 and logs the expected tx and rx
> The simcom is connected to the cellular network
> No log messages recording periodic communications with the simcom are being recorded
> The monotonic and park time counters are not advancing.
> Could the cause of this problem be that the timers have stopped? This could explain why the periodic interrogation of the simcom has stopped, and perhaps simcom power off has a spin wait or other loop waiting forever for the timer to advance?
> What is the best way to investigate the state of the timers and periodic execution?
> See attached for a transcript of this debugging session.
> <ovms_2018-03-25T09_29_07+0000.log.bz2>_______________________________________________
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