[Ovmsdev] Leaf Range Calculations

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sun Mar 25 13:38:05 HKT 2018

Hi all,

I'm looking to rearrange the leaf range calculations in v3 to use Wh per 
Gid and km/kWh as inputs to the calculations in order to mirror leaf 
spy. The v2 code used a simpler mile per gid calculation which is 
basically the same but didn't separate the two constants.

LeafSpy appears to have a temperature compensation as well which I 
haven't yet tried to reproduce.

The constants are configurable but question is, what should the default 
values be?

v2's range calculation was based on 84 miles using 281 gids, or 218/135 
= 2.08 gids per km.

If one gid is 80Wh, then that's 166Wh/km or 6.01km/kWh.

80Wh per Gid and 6.01km/kWh is in the right ballpark, although Nissan's 
dashboard trip meter says 7.1km/kWh on my car.

Does anyone have a reference to a better way to calculate range, or an 
opinion on what the default values should be in this calculation?

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