[Ovmsdev] MDNS crash

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 09:52:53 HKT 2018

I'm seeing a side-effect of restarting mdns.  I had my module connected
to wifi, and metrics were begin received by the server / phone.  A few
moments later, the modem connects, and mdns is restarted.  At that
point, the module still thinks it connected to the server, but the
server knows otherwise...  No updates are received, and restarting the
app shows the antenna dark.

A few minutes later the server is reported disconnected.  In this run,
the modem never fully connected (no IP address), so that wasn't
working.  Re-enabled the wifi hotspot, and the module shows it's
associated and has an IP, but it just sits there, never reconnecting to
the server.

Seems like we're short one domino in the chain somewhere.


Stephen Casner wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Mar 2018, Michael Balzer wrote:
>> From a first look at the mdns code in your backtrace, I would guess
>> that's a double free() for the timer, it seems the timer_handle
>> never gets NULLed.
> That may be a bug (deficiency) in the esp-idf mDNS code.
> Perhaps I hit it because OvmsMDNS::StopMDNS was called without
> everything coming up correctly first?
>                                                         -- Steve
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