[Ovmsdev] v3 hardware disconnecting from v2 server

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Thu Mar 15 18:18:36 HKT 2018

On 15/03/18 13:28, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> This (and the subsequent work to do this globally, irrespective of the 
> state) seems to be working well in my car for the past couple of days.
> How is it working out for you? Are you still getting cases where the 
> SIMCOM loses connectivity and it can’t recover?

It's much much better, but it's still broken :( Yesterday, with the 
first half of your changes, it had very poor connectivity but was able 
to reconnect several times. Today, with the second half of your changes, 
it didn't seem to reconnect by itself. Unfortunately I haven't had a 
data logger on it with your improvements so I don't have a lot of 
information about what is wrong. I went and investigated it's current 
state this evening and while the CLI user interface was working well, 
nothing simcom related was being logged. I guess there's something that 
wedges that task.

I wasn't able to make it connect by rebooting with the button. Stuff 
happened, but it didn't talk to the v2 server. It's possible the signal 
strength is too weak at this location? I tried two OVMS antennas with no 
luck. I've attached the log. I've testing a Spark m2m simcard, and the 
last few days have been using that. I have access to their m2m 
monitoring facility, that reported a 3 minute session with 1457 bytes up 
and 5321 bytes down. After failing to reconnect after rebooting with the 
button, I put the 2degress consumer simcard back in and it connected 
immediately. You can see the last thing I do in the log is change the 
apn. I haven't included the log of the working session.

Thank you for finding the mux bugs, I'm sorry I haven't had time to 
debug it myself. I'll try to get some minor leaf improvements in before 
the firmware is locked in but my weekend is looking busy again :(

In other New Zealand news, 2degrees turned off their 2g network early 
this morning. Vodafone are apparently going to keep theirs up until 
2025. I've got a new simcard for my v2 module but I haven't switched it 
over yet.
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