[Ovmsdev] Auto start/init (was Re: Crash / reboot loop with log level Info)

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 08:44:46 HKT 2018

Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>> The auto init settings that Michael implemented are for when you plug
>> the module in, so I'm thinking it would probably be good to turn the
>> ext12v on so you can see the HUD device come alive.  Key on then off
>> would put the HUD to sleep with the scripts, completing the product
>> installation checkout.  This is what I had in my system.start script,
>> which has been replaced by the auto init process.
> The problem would be that would also happen if module was rebooted.
> I think it is fine if the ‘auto’ control only copes with the basic use
> cases. Anything more sophisticated, and it should be turned off and
> manual scripts used.
> Simplest ‘auto’ solution is to turn on and off, with the car.
> Regards, Mark

Ah, good point about the reboot.  I agree that the main use case is to
have the ext12v cycle with the car on/off.  Hopefully, the vehicle.on
and vehicle.off events are supported by all vehicles.

Anyway, what started this was Michael's question about the sequence of
executing the auto-init components, and whatever your preference is on
what gets enabled, the answer remains that the obd2ecu code is written
not to care about the sequence.


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