[Ovmsdev] Nissan Leaf 2018 cable

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Mon Jun 25 17:39:33 HKT 2018

Hi Mark,

I haven't had a chance to look at a 2018 Leaf in detail. I have plugged 
an OVMS into one and it didn't work.

Looking at that PDF, it would seem that Nissan have split the CAN bus 
into sections, with the DATA LINK CONNECTOR (aka OBD2 port) being 
connected to the bus via 6CH CAN GATEWAY. The gateway appears to be 
connected to all (most?) the CAN busses on the car. The TCU and 
Navigation system are on a new bus, connected only to each other and the 

Browsing the LeafSpy support forums, it looks like the 2018 leaf doesn't 
stream any data to the OBD2 port, so everything will have to be obtained 
by polling. It sounds like LeafSpy does work on the 2018 leaf so it's 
possible to get the data we want, but nearly everything in the OVMS's 
Leaf support uses passive monitoring of data streamed out of the OBD2 
port which won't work on the 2018 Leaf. I would be surprised if remote 
climate control works via the OBD2 port as the gateway is unlikely to 
forward a TCU message received from the OBD2 port to the correct 
destination(s). Getting that to work will likely need a cable between 
the OVMS's external expansion socket and the TCU's CAN bus.

I haven't checked the pinouts but I expect the Leaf specific OVMS cable 
can be made to work with the 2018 Leaf, but a standard cable would work 
better (connecting the only CAN bus on the OBD2 port to the fastest CAN 
hardware on the OVMS). The current Leaf firmware won't work very well at 
all on a 2018 Leaf, regardless of which cable you have.

On 25/06/18 13:55, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> I got this enquiry regarding the cable for the 2018 Nissan Leaf.
> It seems that the OBDII pinout has changed? Anyone know anything about this?
> Regards, Mark.
>> Begin forwarded message:
>> ...But if this is correct, it will probably not work on the 2018 Nissan Leaf, because ODB2-Pins 12 and 13 are not assigned (see the image from the service manual attached - page 17) and when I take a look at the connector I can clearly see, that 12 and 13 have no metal clip - no electrical connection possible.
>> Do I have to - somehow - connect the OVMS to the CAN Bus the TCU is connected to?
>> Or do I have to select something special in the web-interface of the OVMS module, like the model-year?
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