[Ovmsdev] Collecting information on the Fiat 500e

Jason Perkins perkins.jason at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 23:07:08 HKT 2018

OVMS team,

As an owner of a Fiat 500e I was very interested when I stumbled across
this project on the TMC forums. The Fiat factory telematics system
deactivates 3 years from the original vehicle sale and is non renewable. I
think FCA wants to kill the whole system at this point (it's been replaced
with the corporate UConnect system) so another solution would be ideal.

I have a 2013 500e with deactivated telematics, and our roommate has a 2014
with working telematics. If any data could be captured from the car with
working telematics (branded as Fiat Access) to assist integrating OVMS I'd
love to help.

The Fiat Access telematics provides vehicle location, battery level, tire
pressure, setting the charge schedules, locking / unlocking the car, and
starting the climate control. I believe the actual control unit was adapted
from some kind of remote-disablement system used in europe (the Fiat
literature calls this the Vehicle Tracking Module).

The Fiat has a normal J1962 plug, but does not have OBDII protocol support.
Like the Kia Soul the powertrain CAN on pin 6 / 14 and the body CAN on 1 /

There's no telling how long the telematics will keep working on our
roommates '14, so doing a capture sooner than later would be good. I'm open
to any suggestions on how best to do this. The car related diag tools I
have on hand are: ELM327 Bluetooth, Ross-Tech VCDS (For VW / Audi
Products), and AlfaOBD (which can talk to most of the modules in the 500e -
but not the VTM :( ), and an adapter to swap the CAN wires so a standard
interface can get to the Body CAN.


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